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We can supply you all kinds of Cooling tower parts, it is use for Cooling system in Power plant, Petrol-chemical, Oil & gas, Pulp paper, Chemical plant and etc. Thailand and Other Country We can supply it according any client's requirement. Our aim is the quality first, so please contact us freely.
Product List:
- Fan : HOWDEN fan, HUDSON fan, COFIMCO fan, HAMON fan, MARLEY, FBM HUDSON, Blower etc. - Gear Reducer : Amarillo gear, SUMITOMO , MARLEY gear, etc. - Drive Shaft : Amarillo shaft, ADDAX shaft, ADDAX Flexible element, etc. - Cooling Fill : BRENTWOOD fill, MARLEY fill, etc. - Drift Eliminator : BRENTWOOD drift, MARLEY drift, etc. - Nozzle : HOWDEN, HAMON, BRENTWOOD, MARLEY etc. - Vibration switch : MURPHY vibration, METRIX, PMC, BALMAC vibration, etc. - and More Cooling Tower spare parts......

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